• Work on complex criminal cases in the spheres of entrepreneurship, corruption, and taxation.
  • Provide services prior to the initiation of criminal prosecution, during preliminary investigation, represent clients in courts  of all Russian regions.
  • Have clients among beneficiaries and top managers of largest banking, real estate, construction, energy and natural resources companies, as well as among state officials.
  • Are invited as experts by largest media resources - business press, radiostations, and television channels.
  • Teach students at leading law faculties in Russia, give lectures at international and Russian conferences for legal scholars and practicing lawyers.


  • When defending interests of our clients, we maintain mutual respect in communication with opponents in any situation.
  • Individual approach to solving complex issues. We are convinced that each case is unique, and show ingenuity, going beyond standard approaches.
  • Our reputation is built upon professionalism, consistently high quality of services, understanding clients’ needs. We apply unique experience gained when working as state investigators, along with scientific expertise obtained in Russian leading legal faculties.


  • Our law office was recommended by the leading national rating of law firms Pravo.ru-300 in the nomination "Criminal Law and Procedure".
  • Vyacheslav Feoktistov and Ruslan Dolotov are recommended by the oldest international rating Best Lawyers (2020, 2021) in the field of criminal law and litigation.
  • Vyacheslav Feoktistov is recommended by the independent rating of Kommersant Publishing House in the nomination “Representation in Criminal Cases”.
  • Ruslan Dolotov was awarded the Diploma of the Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs' Rights for promoting the work of the Institute of the Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs.
  • The partners act as experts at the Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs (the experts of the Center for Public Procedures "Business Against Corruption").