• Defence of a Russian bank’s board of directors ex-chairman in a criminal case on embezzlement of more than 290 billion rubles.
  • Defence of a former beneficiary of a top-5 Russian commercial bank against charges of alleged theft amounting to more than 28 billion rubles.
  • Defence of managers and employees of a factoring company from charges of creating a “financial pyramid” when selling promissory notes worth more than 15 billion rubles through the largest bank in Siberia.
  • Defence of a client in connection with the alleged theft of federal funds during the construction of the Mission Control Center (Korolev, Moscow Region).
  • Defence of a client from charges brought against him for an alleged theft of 794.9 million rubles from an oil refinery company, initiated at the request of the CEO of Gazprom Neft.
  • Representation of a company being a victim of a criminal takeover of its real estate in the Moscow Region worth over 7 billion rubles.
  • Defence of the director of the oldest Russian watch factory from accusations of smuggling cultural artefacts.
  • Defence of a CEO of a company which allegedly for several years provided services of cashing out funds in the total amount of more than 2 billion rubles.
  • Defence of a senior employee of  Rosatom’s subsidiary  against charges of a large-scale fraud.
  • Defence of a vice president of a large trading company from the charges of fraud of a number of Russian banks totaling more than 2 billion rubles, allegedly committed by him and other managers of the trading company.
  • Representation of a top manager of a large Russian metallurgical group of companies against charges of bribery, deliberate bankruptcy and illegal business activities leading to gaining income in the amount of more than 5 billion rubles.
  • Defence of a chairman of the board of directors of the largest regional commercial bank from charges of abuse of authority, which caused damage to the bank in the amount of about 400 million rubles.


  • Defence of the CEO of Russia's largest alcoholic beverages wholesale company from charges of large-scale tax evasion.
  • Defence of a CEO of a large distribution network from charges of tax large-scale evasion in connection with the unreasonable use of a special tax regime.
  • Defence of a CEO of a largest regional construction company in a criminal case initiated over alleged tax evasion in the amount of over 100 million rubles.
  • Defence of a CEO of a large state company against charges of the failure to fulfil the duties of a tax agent regarding the payment of personal income tax, causing large-scale damage to state funds.
  • Defence of management of a manufacturing enterprise from charges of committing large-scale tax fraud by unlawful reimbursement of value added tax from the state funds.


  • Defence of a former adviser to the Russian Embassy in the United States from charges of forgery.
  • Defence of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Khabarovsk Region, accused of criminally assisting a bribery.
  • Defence of a client against charges of involvement in the commission of fraud against the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in the amount of 133 million rubles.
  • Defence of an ex-mayor of Penza in connection with an alleged large-scale embezzlement of state funds during the implementation of the federal investment program.
  • Defence of a mayor of Novokuznetsk from accusations of abuse of office, resulting in damage to the municipal budget in the amount of 277 million rubles.
  • Representation of a deputy chairman of the board of directors of one of the leading Russian banks (partly state-owned) in connection with the alleged large-scale unlawful appropriation of the bank’s property.